We shot some of the The Tom Reese Collection in the fall of 2004.

As most of you know, Tom brought avant garde film to Pinellas Park, he also shot some "home movie" of his own at Beaux Arts. These are being catalogued by a local collector. If you remember beeing in any of them or know of anyone who was, please let us know.

The Tom Reese Collection - Documenting Art history

We are in the process of cataloguing Tom's considerable art collection and Beaux Arts memorabilia for future shows and events. We will be announcing some exciting discoveries soon.

Please let us know if you know of any art or photographs or can help with the task of identifying and classifying the pieces in the collections we have found. Please pass this information on to anyone you know who may not be online, or send me their contact information.

We are also be looking for people to help with the cataloging process. Some assistance in preservation will also be required. Please contact me if you can help or know of anyone qualified to work on this.

Thanks for all your help so far.

Beaux Artists

Christina Alexander
David Anderson
Jack Barrett
Eric Beckus
William Calloway
Kathy Chiavola
Mari Eliza
Boo Ehrsam
Susie Hall
Malcolm Johnson
Leo Katz
Larry Kelly
Fritz Kirsch

Lucien Labaudt
Merritt Roy Marks Jr.
Barton Mamuw

Bill McClelland
Nicholas Morosoff
Jim Neiman
Diane Neizgoda "Purple"
Thomas Bruce Reese
Donna Reese
Flo Singer
Christopher Skura
Colleen Smith
Sydney Stern
Merry Moor Winnett