Peter Smith basically grew up playing Beaux Arts. He actually lived upstairs in Pinellas PArk for a time. He usually won when he entered the seasonal music contests that Tom was always having. In fact, at one point, he was asked to not enter, to allow someone else a chance to win. Peter sometimes opens for his famous singer/songweriter brother, Michael Smith.

Michael Smith also played at Beaux Arts, then in the Village, and has recorded with James Lee Stanley as Two Man Band. Stanley has also recorded 2 other Two Man Band CDs with Peter Tork.

Michael Smith is best known for writing "The Dutchman", though he is credited with writing numerous other hits and is considered by some to be one of the best one of the best songwriters in the English language. His songs include: Spoon River, Roving Cowboy, Danger, Hit and Run Lover, Vegematic Song, Elvis Imitator, Talk Backwards, Whispering Man, Crazy Mary and The Wonderful World of Sex.