Wow ! A friend who I only re-connected with 4 years ago after an estrangment
of over 30 years . . AND with whom I used to sing & play at Beaux Arts in
the mid 60's, emailed your articleto me . .
wow, dejavu ! ***

Beaux Arts had more to do with shaping who I became than probably any other
source in my innocent, limited little teen aged life!
I began going there with my guitar teacher from the Tampa YMCA . . she
turned me on to Baez and would lend me her awesome collection of records, I
would learn the songs and then we'd go to Beaux Arts on Fri. nights and each
play a set. . it was about the only place my Mother would let me go to and
at least I was "chapperoned" (if only she'd known!)
My world changed from the first time I walked through those doors.
I met people from "The North" .. educated and worldly ( by my then limited
standards) . . it opened my eyes to *Possibilities* . .
for a kid born in Tampa Florida !

Plant High School was divided up into mainly 2 groups; The Surfers and The
Ivies . . I fit into neither.

(I SO hear what you say re: another band messing up "Gloria" !)

Beaux Arts was my Option and there my mind and my eyes and every creative
impulse in me that was just waiting to be born were nourished and expanded.

When I left home, in 1967, (ran away actually) I left with the clothes on my
back a small bag with the most basic of necessities, $18. in pennies,
and my guitar . . I coffee-housed my way up the coast and landed in New
York's Greenwich Village where I continued my "education".
Ah, the 60's !

Music carried me for many years and has eventually developed into many
other Art forms . . but I've NEVER forgotten Beaux Arts and the importance
it's played in my life . .
look forward to your book . .
please keep me informed.

Best of Luck
Katherine Trowell